Computer Forensic Services

justotech is a leader in the burgeoning world of computer forensic services. These services are designed to facilitate a myriad of tasks. This includes both recovery and discovery services for clients, along with settling complex disputes via thorough and precise investigations. Computer forensics also plays a key role in fraud detection and prevention.

Our certified experts specialize in managing large volumes of electronic data for major computer forensic projects. Whether for fraud analysis or in-house preservation, this tedious and time consuming process truly requires an experienced hand. With vast knowledge and expertise, our team helps locate and analyze the data you seek.

justotech’s computer forensic experts are derived from a highly diverse background of federal, state, and military intelligence and law enforcement. Each are deemed experts in the field of digital forensics and investigations and holds several highly recognized digital forensics certifications (click here to review our expert’s credentials).

Contact justotech for assistance with a variety of needs, including the following:

  • Intellectual Property Theft Detection and Investigation

  • HR Investigations

  • Civil or Criminal Cases

  • Fraud Detection and Investigation

  • Breach response and investigation

  • And more…