Cyber Incident and Intelligence Response

Cyber crimes and incidents are growing on a massive scale and are affecting big and small businesses alike. Cybercriminals aren’t out for specific information anymore; they’re out for any information. The question management and IT teams need to ask themselves is, “What will we do when an attempted attack takes place?”

More often than not networks are infiltrated through advanced persistent threats (APT), in which they go undetected for long periods of time. According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a cyber breach in customer business is $3 million. Another question, “Is this something our company can afford to risk?”

justotech is experienced with cybercriminals and their tactics. Hackers are becoming more organized and motivated, and are supported by time, resources, and growing experience. In an effort to deter these attacks, justotech knows that you need to do more than just meet regulatory compliance standards. Your corporation needs to create a competitive advantage in the form of securing your client’s sensitive data. We specialize in helping our clients exceed industry standard security levels while maintaining alignment with business and financial goals.

When it comes to cyber incident response you need experience on your side—That’s where justotech comes in.

justotech provides:

  •  Certified experts fully proficient in cyber incident response and intelligence

  • Quick, effective, and confidential response teams to prevent future attacks and set a tone of confidence in your business

  • A precedence for security standards within your industry while sustaining your business strategy and objectives

  • Proactive mitigation in the form of Threat and Vulnerability Management