Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

justotech offers malware analysis for leading government firms and commercial entities. As advanced persistent threats (APT) attacks continue to span across the globe, malware continues to impact countless companies and government agencies across the globe. In fact, the social media realm is also experiencing a rise in malware attacks across vast digital networks. No longer is malware simply relegated to malicious email attachments or web based links.

Today’s malware can easily be embedded into common file formats, which offers a false sense of security for users that frequently download applications. From software intrusion to hardware failure, our threat analysts have the tools and expertise to effectively counter malware threats to existing databases and systems.

With years of extensive industry experience, justotech employs the highest caliber of threat analysts to help restore functionality to your systems. From data retrieval to virus eradication, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that ensure timely results for all clients.