Physical Security Services

Securing sensitive data is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Most organizations, however, fail to factor in the significance of physical security of networks, systems, and technology. Information security is much like an onion in that it has many layers, and the often-overlooked layer is the physical aspect. Is your facility prepared for the threat of vandalism, theft, natural disasters or even terrorism?

justotech is determined to deliver the utmost level of information security, and that doesn’t stop at internal penetration tests. Our experts are familiar with all different types of data centers, their vulnerabilities, and the steps needed to assure their regulatory compliance. Whether it be a modular data center or a containerized data center there are always weaknesses. And where there are weaknesses there are attacks.

Businesses are quick to underestimate the importance of physical security. justotech’s years of information security experience combined with your unique security needs deters intentional harm and prevents massive losses in the event of emergency.

justotech Physical Security Services provides:

  • Physical penetration tests to determine security weaknesses and accessibility

  • Evaluation of overall security policies, procedures, and safeguards in the event of an attack

  • Thorough assessment of physical security and detailed counseling for implementing new procedures tailored to your budget and specific regulatory compliance needs