SCADA Security Solutions

Utilities companies and those in the energy sector employing SCADA automated and control systems have become increasingly aware of the need for their security. The Department of Homeland Security suggests that hackers are targeting SCADA systems. The only recourse is preventative security of entire system, networks, and personnel. This intelligence projects an industry-wide relevance that national security is at stake and urges companies to protect themselves, their clients, and their communities.

The objective of information security is to protect sensitive data while maintaining its accessibility and integrity for authorized users. The DHS deems this service invaluable for maintaining the reliability of industrial control systems. justotech guarantees prevention of infiltration and the highest level of expertise for this ever-growing matter of national security.

justotech provides:

  • Thorough assessment of isolated and networked SCADA systems vulnerabilities

  • Proven framework for SCADA systems security and protocols for risk mitigation

  • SCADA systems security foundations specific to your organization’s goals

  • Greater understanding of SCADA security for continued improvement throughout your organization