Small Business Cyber Security Solutions

Imagine if there were a cost effective solution that would protect your customers, your reputation, and ultimately the integrity of your business. You don’t have to imagine it… we’ve created it! We help small businesses secure their data and provide a work culture that integrates cyber security awareness.

Technology is now embedded in every business process, and unfortunately, this changing landscape has attracted a growing number of cyber-criminals looking to steal sensitive information – including intellectual property and personal financial information. These attacks can be catastrophic, leaving many small businesses unable to recover. Nearly 60% of small businesses will close within six months of a cyber-attack. Traditional means of prevention is no longer adequate. At justotech, we understand cyber security is no longer limited to virus scans and complex passwords. It is our strategic business mission to build strong security plans that incorporate preventative security technology, strong policies, and employee education.

justotech offers subscription-based cyber security solution packages for all small businesses alike. Our cyber security experts are just what they are, experts, and we have the industry leading certifications that proves it.

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