Threat and Vulnerability Management

An effective threat and vulnerability program is essential to all organizations’ security infrastructures. The accessibility of information for better business through the Internet is vital for businesses large and small. However, that accessibility can become a nightmare if and when hackers find weak spots. Is your business safe from these emerging threats?

The exploitation ability of even the most novice hacker is enough of a wake up call to affected companies. Tools are being used for hackers to infiltrate your system, sit quietly, and gather as much information as they need in the form of advanced persistent threats (APT). This type of attack goes unnoticed as hackers are becoming stealthier, faster, and hungrier for your sensitive data.

justotech is a firm believer in aligning security posture with business goals. We know that creating a procedural foundation is just the beginning of tactical defense, and a simple reaction-oriented program just won’t do. Creating a threat and vulnerability management program within your business sets the tone for information security management, gives you an industry advantage, and affords you cost and time from

justotech provides:

  • Threat and vulnerability assessments that include a comprehensive evaluation of likelihood and potential consequences.

  • Proactive approaches towards information security management.

  • A business-specific framework for risk mitigation based on evaluated impact and probability.

  • Quick and effective Cyber Incident Response for infiltrated businesses.